About me! "thetapp18"

   I have been in business for six years now! My business as built off my faith in God! My online shop is unique and have an array of different styles in fashion access. We are online only.
   The name thetapp18 comes from a childhood nickname “Tapp”. This name was given to me by my big brother Donzell. It means a lot to me and is very dear to my heart as it reminds me of back home, my hometown McLain, MS. The name reminds me of my family’s love! The number 18 is also dear to me because my parents (together) had 18 children, 9 boys and 9 girls. I, thetapp18, is the 18th child of my family.
  I sure hope you will shop with me soon! You are the reason I am still here, thriving amongst so many other amazing shops. Your support means the world to me, I am honored and so grateful for your love. Happy shopping!